Opposite handle for Pressure cooker WMF/Silit Ø22cm

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The WMF Perfect / Ideal
And Silit Sicomatic S and L Ø22cm
Made of plastic
Connector with spring, tab distance 60mm

Replaces this handle by Sicomatic S, SN, and L Ø22cm Picture shows the mounting lugs, here with a 6.5 Ltr Sicomatic base

Poignée auxiliaire Pot pour autocuiseur de WMF Parfaite / Idéal
et Silit Sicomatic S et L Ø22cm
Poignée suspension ressort, 60mm Lasch distance

remplacé cette poignée de Sicomatic S, SN, et L Ø22cm figure montre les pattes de fixation, ici une partie de 6,5 Ltr. Sicomatic inférieure



Plug handles can be easily replaced if you have two pointed objects, e.g. Insert steel pins, into the holes on the bottom of the handle, push out and pull the handle off. Insert the new handle and lock it with a strong hitting with the handball or a rubber hammer.

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