Question Sicomatic-Pressure cookers

Question Sicomatic-Pressure cookers

How much fluid do I need to cook in Sicomatic ®?
You need to generate steam Sicomatic ® plenty of liquid.
The minimum amount of liquid depends on the size of your Sicomatic ® and the cooking time.
2.5 liters -> 1 / 8 liter of liquid
3.0 liters -> 1 / 4 liter of liquid
4.5 liters -> 1 / 4 liter of liquid
6.5 liters -> 3 / 8 liters of liquid

What size pot is best for me when Sicomatic ®?
The choice of the pot size depends on the type of prepared food and the quantities required. Generally, we recommend the following pot sizes:
1-2 person household -> 2.5 liter
2-3 person household -> 3.0 liter
3-4 person household -> 4.5 liter
5-6 person household -> 6.5 liter


What is actually three fixed adjustable cooking levels?

When Sicomatic ® Silit set the temperature of the cooking level is kept constant and reliable.
If you have chosen cooking level I or early stage of cooking, the temperature can not rise higher in the ® Sicomatic than 105 ° C.
The stove is turned to the highly regulated Sicomatic ® automatically the temperature in which it is emptied of excess energy in the form of steam. This provides automatic temperature controlled cooking at an ideal temperature and allows vitamins, minerals and flavors of foods preserved.
At Level II, or fast cooking level to cook everything that long cooking times, such as meats, soups, stews, legumes, cereals. You can shorten the cooking time up to 70% compared to conventional cooking time and thus save a lot of energy.
Allow the regulator to zero or in a closed model econtrol symbol on the pot, you can cook on the steam cooking step to build up pressure, the delicate vegetables such as broccoli, tender young beans or cauliflower. At this level, you can always open the lid and check the cooking process.